Unable to launch cuda-gdb on non-linux system

I’m using VS Code 2022 and am trying to set up a debugger for a CUDA application. I am using Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition extension, but when I follow the instructions and modify the launch.json file as described, a message box saying “unable to launch cuda-gdb on non-linux system” is presented. I am using Windows 10.

I cannot find any info on that online. How can I fix this and get the debugger to work?

If you are in windows OS (not WSL) as the OS target (i.e. the place where your code will actually run), the supported debugger is described here. It is part of Nsight Visual Studio.

cuda-gdb indeed requires linux (or QNX) as its target OS.

note the description in the requirements for VSCE:

Note that Windows and macOS cannot be used as a target operating system (see below). These OSes are supported only as a host and only when paired with Remote-SSH as described …

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What if I don’t have Visual Studio? I only have VS Code in the machine I’m working on. I already installed Nsight Visual Studio Code, but the problem I face is the one described in the question.

Looks like NVidia did not think about Windows developers?

The only supported environment for CUDA development on windows targetting the windows OS is Visual Studio.

here is the CUDA install guide for windows.