can't find download of cuda-gdb

I want to debug my program with cuda gdb (console / gui) but I can’t find the cuda gdb no where…
not in my PC and not on the internet. where can I find it?

cuda-gdb is installed with the cuda toolkit. Only on linux.

If you have the cuda toolkit installed on linux, and you have done a proper install, you simply need to type:


at a command prompt.

Proper install:

especially see section 7.

im on windows

cuda-gdb is not available for use on windows.

For windows debugging, the recommended tool is the debugger built into Nsight Visual Studio Edition.

refer to slide 4 here:

I don’t use visual studio. I use visual studio code.

You can use whatever you wish of course. If you want to use a NVIDIA-supplied debugger on windows, it would be as I stated.

Visual studio code is not a supported environment (by NVIDIA) for CUDA development work.