Debug Interface for CUDA

Hello all,

I have been searching for a public document on the debug interface for CUDA drivers, but I haven’t been successful yet.

I am NOT looking for a debugger like cuda-gdb; I am looking for the interface that provides the functionality required by tools such as cuda-gdb just like inserting a breakpoint into CUDA coda, pausing the execution, reading data from the address space of the running program, etc. I feel like these functionalities should exist since cuda-gdb can perform such tasks.

Any help and pointers will be greatly appreciated.


well one good thing is that the GPL license requires nvidia to post source for any of the tools that they port. This means that they have to post source for cuda-gdb :

So you could probably figure something out by poking around the source code…

The file you want to take a look at is probably include/cudadebugger.h

That should do it. Way better than running cuda-gdb under gdb :)

Thanks a lot.