CSI Virtual Channel for Jetson Nano

Hi There,

We made a custom carrier with a video camera decoder like the image below, and now we are starting software deveopment. So, I would like to confirm some information.

  • Does Jetson Nano not have CSI virtual channel?
  • If Jetson nano doesn’t have CSI virtual channel, is it possible to develop? or there are any hardware limitations?
  • Does Nvidia have a plan to develop CSI virtual channel on nano?

Sorry to tell Nano not support virtual channel due to HW not support.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know if the Jetson TX2 NX has virtual channel support?

Yes, TX2 and NX support it.

@ShaneCCC Jetson TX2 NX support it?

900-13636-0010-000 | Jetson TX2 NX Module

It should be the same with TX2, the different could be the memory size.