cublasStrsmBatched - execution failed

Hi to all!

I can’t run cublasStrsmBatched (line 113) without CUBLAS_STATUS_EXECUTION_FAILED (13) output. To simplify, all matrix values and alpha are 1.0, all matrices are square and lda, ldb, m and n are equal. I am able to run cublasSgemmBatched and cublasStrsm in the same way, with no error. cublasStrsmBatched should be the same, but it is not, not for me. Please tell me if you have any idea about what am I doing wrong over here:

Using Linux, CUDA 5.5, T10 and Windows, CUDA 5.5, GTX285


I confirmed with the CUBLAS team that cublasStrsmBatched() is not supported on sm_1x devices. The CUBLAS documentation will be updated to reflect this fact. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Same with getrfBatched and getriBatched.

Thanks, I have forwarded that information to the CUBLAS team.