Cuda-10.1 run file install without root missing pkgconfig

I am trying to install cuda-10.1 locally (without sudo) from the .run file. The installation was successful but from the log

[WARNING]: Unable to create .pc files, permission denied at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/!

I run the install script with
./ --silent --toolkit --toolkitpath=$HOME/opt/cuda-10.1/cuda --defaultroot=$HOME/opt/cuda-10.1/cuda --samples --samplespath=$HOME/opt/cuda-10.1 --no-man-page

In cuda-10.0 the pkconfig folder was installed in $HOME/opt/cuda-10.0/cuda
How do I tell the installer to put pkgconfig in my tookitpath?

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Same problem with CUDA 11.3. Replacing --toolkitpath with --installpath didn’t help.

I found that the the .pc files were created at this location: $HOME/.local/cuda-11.3/pkgconfig/