Cuda 10.2 for Jetson Nano 32.7.4

Good afternoon, Nvidia! I’m trying to compile some Cuda-using code directly on my jetson nano. How I understood, I need Cuda 10.2 for it but I cannot find this cuda into the internet.
I’m using Arch Linux and already installed my kernel and all drivers that GPU needs, but I cannot find aarch64 (arm64) cuda 10.2. Only 11 or 12 packages that i can install from deb. Is 11 or 12 cuda will work on my Jetson nano or I must find 10.2 somehow. Maybe you can give me refers to 10.2 cuda for arm64? I know that you have it in your repos but I cannot look into this from my browser…
To build this program I need nvcc that was not implemented in the sample-roots for 32.7.4 or into nvidia-l4t-cuda deb package. So I don’t know where can I find it and how can I compile it.
Or maybe you could tell me why am I obtained error Cuda 35 on my target board with the code that was compiled on the board with l4t 32.6.1. It seems that 32.6.1 already was based on cuda 10.2 and code that was compiled for 32.6.1 must work with my 32.7.4 but I obtained Cuda error 35 and I don’t know how to fix this…

Well I installed CUDA today and SDK Manager installed CUDA 10.2 for me. You might try to install CUDA and SDK Components through SDK Manager to your Jetson.
After installation check it by

nvcc -V

Thank you! I will try

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