CUDA 11.5-compatible driver for V100

The CUDA 11.5 release notes say that it is best with at least driver version 495.29.05, however the latest production version of the driver that’s available from the NVIDIA downloads page for V100 (or A100, for that matter) cards is only 470.82.01.

Are there any plans to release a R495 driver for Tesla cards, or should we stay with R470 and CUDA 11.4 for now?

Hello @ben.menadue and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

The recommended production versions for Tesla cards at the moment are still the 470 (or 472) series and implicitly CUDA 11.4.

The CUDA 11.5 toolkit includes an updated and compatible GPU driver (of the 495 series) as well that of course also still works with Tesla V100 and A100 cards.

As soon as NVIDIA has internally certified newer driver versions for Tesla Hardware as “Tesla Recommended Drivers”, we will also release them as updated production drivers through the download portal.

I hope that helps!