V100 driver support for CUDA 11.4

I plan to try CUDA 11.4 with new compiler features --dump-callgraph. When I search the driver for Tesla V100 Download Drivers | NVIDIA, I found they only provide drivers that support up to 11.2. However, when I look at CUDA 11.4 release note(Release Notes :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation), I found driver >=450.80.02 from table 2.

Does anyone have an experience that driver >=450.80.02 should work or not with V100 GPU?


The driver that comes with the CUDA 11.4 toolkit installer which is a 470.xx driver should work fine with V100. And that is the driver you would want to use with CUDA 11.4. Not a 450.xx, 460.xx, or 465.xx driver.