CUDA 12.4 document "CUDA C++ Best Practices Guide" index is different between PDF and Web Pages

I am looking around “CUDA C++ Best Practices Guide” on 12.4.

But its index is different in PDF and Web Page.

  • For PDF, 14.3. Thread and Block Heuristics
  • For Web Page, 10.3. Thread and Block Heuristics

Which file is correct document?

I believe the content is the same. In the web document, sections 1-5 got put into sections 1.1 through 1.5, and then the remainder of the document picks up with section 2. In the PDF document sections 1-5 got put into sections 1 through 5, and the document continues at that point with section 6. This difference of 4 in section number I believe is the difference.

If this is of concern to you, you can file a bug.

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