CUDA 2.0 multi threading


I’ve got a multithreading application with the Cuda H264 decoder libaries. The decoder works fine with the NV12toYUV conversion done by CPU. I wanted to add the NV12TORGB (NV12ToARGB_drvapi) conversion from the SDK samples in order to speed up the whole decoding process. I’ve got a 999 error code on then a 700 error code (CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED) on cuvidMapVideoFrame function call. I suppose there is a possible conflict on multi threading with the H264 library and the fact to load and launch a Cuda module. I use the GTX280 and the last version of the cuda2.0 and last evrsion of driver. I saw Eric Young posted a solution but I can’t download it from the forum site - Download error from the server ?