Cuda 3.0 and NPP

Hi all,

I try to use NPP with cuda 3.0. Some commands/structs ect. are working, like nppGetGpuNumSMs();. But all the image commands/structs ect. do not work, for example npp::ImageCPU_8u_C1 hImage;

have someone solved this problem? Maybe the cudart.dll file is the problem, becaus it is renamed into cudart32_30_14.dll in the new cuda version?

thank you,



what do you exactly mean with “do not work”?

Error at compiling/linking or wrong results?

I tried to use “nppiFilter_8u_C1R” and it outputs just crap.

Although the same function works fine when using Intel PP.

nppGetGpuNumSMs(), nppiFilterBox_8u_C1R() are working as expected.