Memory Exceptions using NPP 1.1 samples as well as in my own code


I’m having a lot of cudaError memory exceptions when using the NPP libs (1.1).

My specs:

Win7 x64

Cuda Toolkit v 3.2 x64

Driver win7_64_263.06

Npp npp_3.2.16_win_64

Opening the VS 2008 File and building UtilNPP as well as the solutions is working without erros.

But when I’m running (for example boxfilter) it throws a lot of

cudaError at memory location 0x0030ea90..

Also, if I’m integrating the NPP libs to any existing Cuda project and trying to do something like this:

npp::ImageCPU_8u_C1 oHostSrc;

npp::loadImage(sFilename, oHostSrc);

I get these errors.

Does anyone have a hint about what I’m doing wriong and how to fix that issue?


I really can’t run it without these first chance exception.

All I can say is that the samples are compiling and running as well with excepted results - but,

as I said, with a lot of exceptions… :(

Btw: I have an 9400gt with 1gb of RAM.