Cuda 3.0 and OpenMP cudaOpenMP not working

Hi there,

on Windows7 64 bit cudaOpenMP sample does not work:

C:\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\bin\win64\Debug>cudaOpenMP.exe
number of host CPUs: 4
number of CUDA devices: 2
0: GeForce GTX 280
1: GeForce GTX 280

CPU thread 0 (of 1) uses CUDA device 0
Cuda error in file ‘c:/NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK/C/src/cudaOpenMP/’
in line 117 : unspecified driver error.

C:\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\bin\win64\Debug>

The sample was built using the provided solution.

I have some applications that work fine compiled with CUDA 2.3, 64 bit on Windows7, that use OpenMP and work fine (even with 3.0 run-time).

Are there any issues on this operating system, does anyone experience similar problems?

Thank you,

It seemed the driver did not install properly, after un-installing and re-installing driver, toolkit, and sdk the problem went away