cuda 4.0rc2 with vc2010 in win 7 sucks.

my enviroment:
os win7 32bit
cuda toolkit 4.0rc2
cuda sdk 4.0 rc2
vc 2010

when i compile sdk sample “bilateralFilter”
when i compile, it always show
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: can’t open input file ‘Corporation\NVIDIA.obj’

but what is ‘Corporation\NVIDIA.obj’ ???
it sucks, does nvidia test cuda 4.0rc2 sdk???

i’m crazy, i dont know the problem where is??

I seems to be in inappropriate language =).

Nevertheless your error snipped suggests that you didn’t set your dev environment variables correctly.

A guide to do this for VS2010 can be found at

Another common issue is that people forget to compile the cutil stuff in the “common” folder first.

The error of your linker output furthermore suggests that you most likely forgot use quotation marks somewhere around your folder names.

Please be more careful when you run into problems and remember to be kind if you want to get help.