Problems compiling CUDA SDK samples with Visual Studio 2003


I’m new in CUDA programming and want to start learning from SDK samples. However when I tried to compile Clock sample with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 I got these messages:

I don’t care about Linker “fatal error”, I can’t handle with first message, what does it means and more interesting -> how to solve this problem?

MSVC 2003 workable (I’m able to compile my usual C/C++ projects with no problems) and installed on D: drive, samples and CUDA toolkit installed at C: drive in “C:\CUDA” and “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK” folders.

Windows XP 32 bit


CUDA SDK is 2.02.0811.0240_win32

nVidia GeForce 9800GTX+ driver 182.08

Clock sample project settings default.

Everything installed as suggested at Nvidia website, driver next toolkit next sdk.

Should I try MSVC 2005? :)



please ignore my bad english, it is not my native :)

yeah, you really shouldn’t be using VS2003; it isn’t supported on anything past 2.0. Use 2.1 and VS2005.

can we use VS 2008?

2008’s fine if you’re using 2.1.

Yes i use 2.1 but do i have to make the process called “Linking” ?

What does it mean?

(I set the extension .cu in the VS folder but compilation does not make an .exe)

Hi again guys :)

Yes it is really working with Visual Studio 2005.

Cool :)