CUDA 5.0 on Linux with OpenCL linker problems


i’m just getting started with CUDA/OpenCL and already run into a problem. Even though I am linking the nvidia-opencl library, is still get missing symbols for e.g. clGetPlatformIDs. Do I have to link more than nvidia-opencl? I already tried several linking orders for the lib, with no success.

thanks for any hints

Can you please list explicitly compiling command? Meanwhile, it’s better to provide a sample code.

I agree with ryluo on listing the command, and while not always required, it would be a good idea to mention your OS and perhaps your editor (Eclipse, VS, etc.).

Since all my programming is on Linux, my 2 cents would be to link against the OpenCL library from the driver as well ( That file is usually located in /usr/lib or /usr/lib64. Although I don’t believe contains any symbols. Again, the listing of the command with the associative error is very important.