OpenCL problem on OpenSUSE 15.2: /dev/nvidia-uvm missing

I have just installed OpenSUSE 15.2 and added the nvidia-computeG04 package (version 390.138-lp152.7.1) in order to compile a simple OpenCL programcl_info.c (4.7 KB) .
If I try to run it, the first call to clGetPlatformIDs fails with an error code -1001 that I cannot find anywhere in the documentation.
If I run the program as root, it works without any problems. Once I have done that, I can also run it as a normal user.
The difference seems to be that the devices “nvidia-uvm” and “nvidia-uvm-tools” are created in the “/dev” directory after running the program as root. If they are present, the program works also for other users.
I assume that this is not the intended behaviour? Can I do something to fix it? On my personal machine I can become root any time I like, but in a production environment that would not be an option.

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