OpenCL with the packaged proprietary NVIDIA driver for opensuse not working

I am trying to figure out what the prepackaged proprietary nvidia driver is missing to run compiled OpenCL programs.

So, I have the pre-packaged proprietary nvidia driver from and the package is missing some files, like, which I extracted from the .run file and put manually in the /usr/lib64 directory toether with creating some symlinks. I can compile my opencl programs fine (,…gpu-computing/), but when I run, the first opencl-related function clGetPlatformIDs returns an error code.

Again, I try to figure out what the prepackaged driver is missing. If I use the nvidia .run script driver, the problem probably does not exist. CUDA executables run fine (compiled on an other opensuse machine without nvidia card)

If anyone has hints, I would appreciate it, and I would love to see the prepackaged driver work very well, due to it’s ease of use for probably many newcomers to opensuse.

opensuse 11.1 64bit, nvidia quadrofx3700 driver version 256.53

I have the same issue.

CentOS 6.2 with atrpms nvidia-graphics290.10 x64 for a GeForce GTS 450

I know that in debian you have a pretty large set of packages, one for the kernel driver, one for X11, on for OpenCL, etc. Looking quickly in that directory it seems that you have an x11 package, something that looks like a kernel driver package and one that is called compute. Did you install all three?