Linux Mint 20 with CUDA OK - OpenCL not working

I have recently reinstalled NVIDIA drivers and CUDA on my Linux Mint system. Everything works flawlessly. Now I would like to use Blender, Snapshot and co., but it fails to start as it misses the file. After some digging in documentation I found that this should have been installed by the Driver Manager of Linux Mint, but obviously somehow this is still missing.

Looked up if any OpenCL package is installed in synaptics:

And looked specifically for libOpenCL* in the file structure:

I assume that either some package is missing or some links are broken. Could you please advise how could I enable OpenCL?

Thanks and regards,

Kinda odd, the library is included in the package ocl-icd-libopencl1
Please try to reinstall it and check it shows up in the correct location.

This works, thank you!