cuda 7.5 on windows

Dear all

What is the best version of widows (8.1 or 10) to use Cuda 7.5 with? (using visual studio 2013)?

If you have the option of using Windows 7 x64 that seems to have the best performance. I have a machine with Windows 8.1 and despite the annoying UI have have not had any negative issues.
Installation with either OS is very easy, but make sure Visual Studio is installed BEFORE you install CUDA.

AFAIK there may be a negative performance difference in some circumstances with the new WDDM 2.0 driver in Windows 10, but I have no experience with that OS.

If you are using a GTX Titan X, Tesla or a high end Quadro then you can switch the the TCC driver for a compute only GPU, which works quite well.

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