Cuda 8.0 + VisualStudio 2015 Update 2 = Error

I have cuda 8 and VS2015 update 2 and get the following error when compiling code:

#error: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update >= 2 is not supported yet!

I thought they were compatable products, but apparently vs2015 update 2 is not.

Anyone know how to get around this?


And the #error message is missing for VS2015 update 2 RC and gives 100+ errors instead.

I can not understand why 2015 update2 is not supported.

2015-update2 has many big-changes on C++ language specification to catch-up C++11,14,17.
as nvcc separates a .cu to host and device code, nvcc should parse whole vc++ code.
it seems current nvcc can not guarantee full-support of 2015-update2.

I had the same problem yesterday. I ended up installing VS2013.

  1. delete the Update2 package (in windows 10 using winKey=>Installed Updates find update2 and remove it)
  2. go to visual studio 2015 installation and remove the C++ installation.
  3. reinstall c++

If it does not work try this:

download Visual Studio 2015 Update1 from:

This is obviously quite frustrating, and I hope the release of CUDA 8.0 will at least support Update 2.

This is probably risky, but if you want to force it to compile (but does it work?), try the following in CUDA C/C++ --> Host --> Preprocessor Definitions:

EDG ;__is_assignable=__is_trivially_assignable;_HAS_VARIABLE_TEMPLATES=0;WIN32;%(Defines)

And comment out the #error line.

Clearly don’t try this for production code! Do it just to see what is failing and why, but please don’t expect it to be a valid output.

Is there an update tool in CUDA, which I could periodically run to see if Nvidia has patched this problem?

I’ve just built a new system and purchased Visual Studio Pro for a variety of projects including CUDA work. I’d rather not jump through hoops to downgrade the entire system, and can postpone CUDA work for a little while. That in mind, is Nvidia fairly active, frequent updates? Is there a changelog somewhere to track these and stay up to date?

nVidia is known for not adding extra compiler support into their released toolkit versions.

You might have to hold out until CUDA 8.5 is released.


NVidia reps. indicated to me that they are actively trying to resolve the VS Update issue before release, and that the breakage it was untimely and unforeseen (no MS warning), but it’s not certain that they will be able to address it in the release version of 8.0.

After getting approval for a vision project we purchased, K40C, Quadro K5200, Visual Studio 2015 + MSDN subscription and twin USB3 4K cameras we got a rude surprise, nothing works as planned. We can not install software that has known security issues.
We were able to return the hardware (K40C, Quadro K5200) but I had to pay for the software out of my pocket, not returnable.
We purchased a Jetson TX1 for $600 or 10 times less than what we paid for the workstation hardware. Nvidia, Newegg, and HP lost money.

Why Nvida can not support two OS markets is beyond reason, this sounds like a management issue or lack thereof.

I have been coming back to this thread, this issue for weeks, months maybe. I have to say I’m really disappointed to not have a fix. I thought Nvidia was a fairly large, popular company and would have solved problems quickly. I guess I’ve gotten used to the open source community and more active projects. Is there an alternative to CUDA? How are other people accessing the GPU, doing intense machine learning development? Is there an open source solution that is getting more attention? I never really favored Visual Studio and totally open to just removing it from my tool stack.

Also, this is the only thread I’ve found about this blocking problem. Is there a more active community working with current releases of VS and CUDA?

@michaelprescott For now use Nvidia.
Keep tuned in on the following:

@ifarkas Thank you Ivan

If you need to get rid of update 2 or 3 instead of uninstalling ALL of Visual Studio follow this and it will save you time

ASP.NET Core 1.1 will be released at the Microsoft Ignite conference on 09/26-30/2016 along with Visual Studio 2015 Update 4.
CUDA Toolkit 8 might be released at that time as well and the pain and the wait is over!
So my guess is that CUDA Toolkit 8 release date is 09/30/2016 :-)

I sure hope so. Is there any press release as far as CUDA Toolkit 8

Well this is just silly. dlib requires VS2015 + Update 3 and CUDA is way behind.
No choice but to use linux.

Intelligence Takes Center Stage at Microsoft Ignite.

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) might be a much better Machine Learning hardware than GPU.
Microsoft is on to something!

I still would like to give CUDA a fair chance, if I can.
That of course would need CUDA 8.0 released and compatible with VS 2015 Update 3.

Cuda 8.0 with support for update 2 and 3 is out!

Thank you, NVIDIA!