CUDA 9.1 archive download link leads to CUDA 9.2.

While I am glad CUDA 9.2 is now available, but some cases require CUDA 9.1.
Today I find CUDA 9.1 download link from CUDA Archive leads to CUDA 9.2, not 9.1.
Can someone in NVIDIA fix this ?

Give it a day or two, I am also looking for 9.1 for my tensorflow-gpu, Ive gone about 15 system resets and finally figured out I need Nsight… its not really mentioned anywhere in cuda documnetation… WTF!!!

So i would wait a day or so, I am moving foward with 9.2 and maybe that will work, cause you only really need a specific Cudnn .dll …will let you know later…

Thanks for reporting this.
The CUDA Toolkit archive page has been updated , and you may download CUDA Toolkit 9.1 from :