Cuda 9.1 and tensorflow

I downloaded and installed Cuda toolkit 9.1 only to find out that it is not supported by tensorflow. What should I do now? will there be a new release of tensorflow anytime soon? If that’s not the case, how can I install Cuda 9.0 now? Is it ok if I just download and install the 9.0 without uninstalling 9.1? will the installer automatically overwrite the 9.1 version or will it create some conflicts with the drivers? As far as uninstalling of 9.1 goes, there’s not even an option from Nvidia to uninstall cuda and I don’t know why. It’ll be really helpful if someone can give me an answer.

I think you should be able to remove 9.1 and install 9.0.
Removing 9.1 can be accomplished by running
sudo apt purge cuda-*

It’s also possible to compile tensorflow from sources with cuda 9.1.

Thanks for the help, uninstalled and reinstalled successfully