CUDA 9.1 Jan. has patch "...cublas-performance-update-1_1.0-1..." At what point should I install that?

Hi, I’m fairly noob to Linux/Ubuntu and though I’ve installed CUDA on several platforms now, I have never before had to put in an extra patch when installing.

I’m following the Package Manager Installation section of the “NVIDIA CUDA Installation Guide for Linux (DU-05347-001_v9.1)”, installing on Ubuntu 16.04, and at the bottom of page 11 there are five steps to install (not counting post-installation steps on next page). These are standard and I’ve done them before.

However the package(s) I downloaded came with the regular repo-distro-version-arch.deb file that I’m used to, but also included a second patch file, “cuda-repo-ubuntu1604-9-1-local-cublas-performance-update-1_1.0-1_amd64.deb”…

So, it looks like there are two choices: install the patch in between steps 2 and 3 shown (i.e. run dpkg twice, once on each file, then get the key) OR possibly run through steps 1 - 5 in two iterations, once for the package and once for the patch.

Or it could be something else. Could anyone provide an experience- or knowledge-based suggestion* before I do something I regret? Thanks.
(*already tried cussin’ at the monitor, but that yielded no insight)


= B

I answered my own question - the safe thing to do is just iterate twice.

Of course all this following-the-instructions stuff got kind of sidetracked when it turned out that I had to get rid of everything and install a beta driver.