Cuda and CUDART versions?

Hello all,

whilst running some very basic CUDA code, I get the error “CUDA version is insufficient for CUDART version” and my program dies.

This suggests to me that I have two different versions for CUDA and CUDART, but how can I verify this? How can I find out the version for each?

Thank you very much!

I am getting the same thing running Windows 7.

I suspect that my CUDA Toolkit (version 3) is not supported by my runtime?

So how do I upgrade the runtime? or Downgrade the toolkit?

My device driver could be upgraded if I use the very latest, and not the latest supplied by HP my OEM, not sure if I should go down this route.

I was trying to run the GPU examples, but then realised my card is a FX2700M and the samples html suggests I need at least a quadro 4800.
Given the sample isn’t doing anything much why does it need a more powerful device?

Can I re-write the code to avoid the necessity of having a 4800?

Any help would be much appreciated :rolleyes:

I’ve found out what the problem is.

On the main customer care support site there is a thread “How to Install Cuda”…amp;p_topview=1

This tells you to intall the developer driver, toolkit and sdk in that order.

I didn’t install the developer driver.

Actually it doesn’t seem to matter what order as far as I can tell as it now seems to work now I have installed the driver.

Not sure what the CUDA sdk is as there isn’t one as far as I can tell. There is a GPU sdk amongst other downloads and I presume this is what they mean.