CUDA and CUDNN installation question


I want to use paddleOCR in my project. From the environment setup, they have specific requirement for both cuda and cudnn version

  • CUDA toolkit 11.2 with cuDNN v8.2.1(for PaddleTensorRT deployment, TensorRT8.2.4.2)
  • CUDA toolkit 11.6 with cuDNN v8.4.0(for PaddleTensorRT deployment, TensorRT8.4.0.6)
  • CUDA toolkit 11.7 with cuDNN v8.4.1(for PaddleTensorRT deployment, TensorRT8.4.2.4)
  • CUDA toolkit 11.8 with cuDNN v8.6.0(for PaddleTensorRT deployment, TensorRT8.5.1.7)
  • CUDA toolkit 12.0 with cuDNN v8.9.1(for multi card support, NCCL2.7 or higher;for PaddleTensorRT deployment, TensorRT8.6.1.6)

But none of the packages in my anaconda list satisfy that requirement, what should I do?
Any help would be greatly appreciate!
Screenshot 2024-03-22 091509

Hi @wymao54 ,
Below link should help you.