Cuda and Images How can i load Textures into the texture


I am trying to load images, e.g. JPGs or PNGs into the texture buffer, to perform some image filtering algorithms like gaussian filtering or sobel edge detection.

normally, i would choose a library like CImg[1], but i dont have any idea, how and where to include the libraries, and how to patch the make-files.

beginning from the template-folder in the CUDA sdk, i have several files. (i think, this part will be executedon the device) (this should be the main programm file)
template_gold.cpp (for some additional functions).

i tried to include CImg in and in template_gold.cpp, but in all cases, my code does not compile.

can anyone give me a step-by-step help, how to load images?
i am not fixed on CImg.




Check out this thread:

It’s about ImageMagick and its C++ bindings, Magick++.