how to load a tiff image in cuda?

I have some image file whose file size between 2G-4G.
I want to deal with the image processing based on CUDA.
and now I have a GTX 260+ in my computer.
But how can I load the big tiff file in my program ?
any advices?

from the cuda sdk example. I knew that cuda could support ppm image format by cutil lib.

but I could not find the library for dealing with tiff image format.

will libgeotiff do the job?

how can i use libgeotiff in cuda ?

where can i find the example code for load tiff image file in cuda program?

To load tiff files is easy if you have an imaging SDK,which can help you process tiff fils as you wish.I usually process tiff files by it.Maybe you can have a try

Your code is written in C#. Of course CUDA can be used in C# via frameworks like Cudafy. But this only C#. What with other languages?

Basically You need to load image data from hard drive, e.g. with SDL Image (at least if talking about C/C++). Load TIFF picture to memory and then pass raw image surface data to a kernel through for example an OpenGL texture, mapping it to a CUDA texture reference. Or even simpler, passing it as a CUDA kernel invocation parameter (with proper preparation). CUDA is not an image loading/processing library, thus such things like loading images we need to do ourselves.