CUDA and Xen

I tried using the NVidia Linux display driver with CUDA support on Xen hypervisor but it failed to install. it said the nVidia display driver doesn’t support Xen. Is there any plan to provide an nVidia display driver and CUDA that works under Xen? I am planning to use the GPU8800 GTX in virtualized environment and would appreciate if anyone could throw some light on this.


I wonder if we could have a confirmation of the status of Xen/64 support in the upcoming 1.0 release (due this week??)

There are no short term plans for a driver under Xen or any other hypervisor.

Sometimes the choice is limited - most distro comes with virtualization support out of box. I know it’s a nasty hack but maybe you could try out the Xen pci passthrough mode (paravirtualized linux) - basicaly you attach your gpu to a domU.

The recent Xen hardware virtualized pci devices will allow you to attach a dedicated pci device to an unmodified guest operating system:…hrough_Zana.pdf…5/msg01144.html

With huge luck you can even use the released 32bit linux drivers on x64_64 xen until the 0.9/1.0 x86_64 drivers released to the public.