CentOS Nvidia Driver to work under Xen

Hi folks,

 I have a new computer (finally) with an nVidia GPU.     During my

install of CentOS 5.4, I elected the option to install Xen. Seems that
the nVidia linux driver won’t install if the Xen kernel is installed.

Is anyone currently working on a version of driver that will support

Xen? I’d be interested in “beta-testing” the driver (willing to provide
feedback, bug reports).

If someone has gotten current driver to run in Xen environment anyway,

I’d appreciate some directions.

Mike / mhhall@enginsol.com

I am unaware of any current Xen support or plans to support it in the future. Redhat have already announced they are deprecating Xen and future RHEL versions will be built around KVM (see here), so it would seem to be rather short sighted to expend development effort on supporting a virtualisation system that is in decline.

This is an old thread, but still relevant. I think the above is all wrong, because:

  1. Redhat is only 1 of many distributions, and not the most popular one either!
  2. Redhat bought Qumranet some years ago and started to build their virtualisation solution around qemu/kvm. This was a strategic step and has nothing to do with Xen being relevant or not. The result is that today Redhat is able to compete with VMware and Citrix/Xen in the virtualisation arena.
  3. KVM is the newcomer, Xen and VMware are the established solutions. Just have a look at what the big guys are using - AWS, etc.
  4. Nvidia is doing itself no favour by denying support for Xen. Many Xen users have switched to AMD as a result, see also my Xen how-to http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=112013. Just to underline the relevance of Xen, that Xen how-to counts over 560,000 viewers!