Redhat 5.3 Workstation CUDAdrive 190.18 not compatible with Xen

I am trying to install CUDA 2.3 on Redhat 5.3 Workstation.
The 190.18 driver will not install because it does not support Xen.

Has anyone got a workaround for this. I am waiting for a response from RH about removing Xen.
The customer wants a build on RH 5.3.

The only workaround is not to use the Redhat kernel. We run a port of the Fedora core 10 release kernel instead. That works fine with CUDA,

The workaround was to reinstall Redhat 5.3 without Virtualization.
That installs the standard kernel without Xen.

CUDA 2.3 installed without a problem and the apps rebuilt clean.