Cuda compilation dies in large function

Hello, I am compiling a cuda kernel that was automatically generated. The function is 88k lines. My compiler dies with the following error:
nvcc error : ‘ptxas’ died due to signal 9 (Kill signal)

The file is a single function, so further splitting is not possible.

Thanks in advance!

It is possible for the CUDA compiler to run out of memory when compiling extremely large functions like yours. However this should be caught and a proper error message should be returned before the compiler terminates. It is unusual (as in: I have never seen it) that this would result in a signal 9, which is usually due to action taken by a user (e.g. who killed the running ptxas due to excessive runtime).

I would suggest filing a bug report with NVIDIA. As a workaround for now, try reducing the optimization level used by ptxas. The default is -Xptxas -03, so try -Xptxas -02, then -Xptxas -01, etc.

A single function comprising 88K lines seems like an engineering nightmare. If there is a bug in the code, it would present a very tough debugging challenge.