CUDA Driver API location & Toolkit extraction failed


I’m using a tool which have to load (dlopen) the Cuda Driver API to call its functions. The problem is that I can’t locate where is the library with symbols of this API. I tried the, but the nm command returns a limited list of symbol (00a204fc b cudbgIpcFlag & 00a20500 b cudbgRpcEnabled - functions are not there) and the library can’t be opened in the tool (Error loading /usr/lib64/ HandlerInit function not found.)

I read something about the CUDA toolkit, but I can’t extract it (Extraction failed. Signal caught, cleaning up).

Does someone please know where is the library containing symbols of functions of the CUDA Driver API ?

Best regards

EDIT : I succeeded installing the toolkit, but still no Driver API :s
EDIT 2 : that’s ok, I finally found that I was misinterpreting the code of the tool. Functions are in ;-)