CUDA driver api unresolved external symbols


i have a short question. I want to use cuda drive api (CUdevice, CUcontext).
So i have included the cuda.h the cutil.h and added the cuda.lib and the cuda32d.lib.

So, writing this
CUdevice cuDevice;

is no problem.

But with that i get a problem when trying to compile.
int deviceCount;

It says unresolved function … _cuDeviceGetCount@4

I dont see wheres the problem. I added the header files and the lib files. I also added the lib and include folders in the
project properties.

Can some one help me ?
I use Visual Studio 2005 on Vista Businees x64. Although i have a 64bit system i first want to try that it all works
with the 32bit stuff.

greetings & thanks,

Are you sure you have 32-bit Tookit installed and linking against 32-bit .lib file?