CUDA Driver UNAVAILABLE (cuInit(0) returned 999)

I have a Tesla P4 GPU driver 396.37 and i trying to use this image


But when run I get the following error

ERROR: This container was built for NVIDIA Driver Release 410 or later, but
version 396.37 was detected and compatibility mode is UNAVAILABLE.

   [[CUDA Driver UNAVAILABLE (cuInit(0) returned 999)]]

Is there any compatibility list, or can you help me a compatible image for my GPU

You have a few options, I’ll mention 2 of them.

1.The 18.08 container should work with your 396.37 driver.

  1. You can upgrade the driver on your machine to a 410.48 or newer driver. If you previously installed a driver using the runfile installer method, you should repeat that method with a newer driver. You can get that newer driver at If you previously installed the driver using a package manager method (e.g. sudo apt-get … ) then you should repeat that with a newer driver. In this case you could download CUDA 10 and install it. Use the deb install method and follow the instructions for deb install.

The driver versions for each container release are listed here: