cuda error 30 - unknown error - when unbinding D3D9 texture

Hello forum users,

An application that is working fine on my system doesn’t work on the one of my friend (Win7 x64, GTX260, on both drivers: old 195.xx and new drivers from today).

When calling cudaUnbindTexture, the function returns error 30, cudaGetErrorString returns “unknown error” for that error code. Anyone knows why this happens?

We then upgraded to the latest SDK and reinstalled the latest driver, but nothing changed. cudaBindTexture works and the kernel execution doesn’t show any error but after that, cudaUnbindTexture returns this error and the texture doesn’t seem to be updated.

Everything is working fine on two of my own systems (Win Vista x64, 8600GT, old driver / Win7 x64, 9800GT, old driver).

Any tips?