CUDA HelloWorld under UWP


Sorry for creating a second thread. I posted this question in another section here:

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So my problem is:

I’ve been trying to create a hello world of sorts as a Windows Universal program. (UWP)

Essentially calling cudaGetDeviceCount() and outputting the result.

I have done so as a Console Application no problem, but every time I try build the UWP version I get:

LNK2019	unresolved external symbol cudaGetDeviceCount referenced in function "public: __cdecl App2::MainPage::MainPage(void)" (??0MainPage@App2@@QE$AAA@XZ)

Which suggests to me that CUDA cannot be included under a UWP program. Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this? Is CUDA supported or not? If so, what must I do extra to get this simple code to work under UWP?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Yes, what’s up with UWP and CUDA? Totally incompatible? something you’re working on? never going to happen?

UWP is using managed code. So you need a managed wrapper around the CUDA libraries. And that would provide you only with the Device API of CUDA.

But then UWP is also a very restricted environment that does not allow for a lot of extensions easily - mainly because it is supposed to be provide extra cross-device compatibility and security.

So you may be out of luck here.