Cuda in Real time Why processing time jumps after stopping the application ?

Hello !

I am using an application in Cuda which is called in a loop (its processing time is approximatively 30ms) , all works very well until I stop the loop for a while and start it (continuous) again, I have processing times which jump to 120ms for a while before retrieving the previous time ~30ms. Can someone explain me why ?

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How long are you stopping the loop?

Which OS, GPU & driver are you using?

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I am under Windows XP (SP2), Visual Studio 2005, I am using a GeForce 9800 GT (512) with Compute Capability 1.1 and about driver :
Provider : NVIDIA
Date : 13/10/2008
Version :

When I stop the application 10 to 20 seconds are enough to trigg the problem !

This is expected behavior. If the GPU is idle for several seconds, the driver will clock it down to conserve power.


And is it possible to disable it ?

Any answer please ?

Any answer please ?