CUDA on GeForce (Lenovo Legion 5 pro)

I have tried to install CUDA on Lenovo Legion 5 pro laptop with Nvidia GeForce 4060 but I failed.

I have installed up-to-date graphic driver (both Lenovo and nvidia offered), installed either CUDA 11.2.2 and CUDA 12.2.2, and either cudnn-11.2-windows-x64-v8.1.0.77 and cudnn-windows-x86_64-
Any of all doesn’t work.

I also use VScode and Anaconda3-2023.07-Windows-x86_64. From the Anaconda3, python 3.11 version I am using.

I can find any GPU usage from python. - tensorflow and torch

If anybody can help me? Really appreciate it in advance.