CUDA openGL interop problem

I tried to run the NVIDIA_CUDA-11.2 volumeRender sample code with my own image of size 256x256x256.

I then tried to visualize it. It ran quite well, but I keep getting this persisting information or warning

CUDA mapped PBO: May access 1048576 bytes

I am trying to understand what might be the cause of it, and will it lead to any potential problems.

I am using the new A6000 gpus.

Welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Can you maybe share the exact runtime output of the sample so we can clarify the debug level, whether it is a warning or just informational? My expectation is that it is just informational and non-critical, telling you that instead of other means CUDA needs to use a PBO to transfer and/or compute data.

This is probably included as part of the sample code to help users learn the usage of CUDA. That is also why the CUDA samples are not meant to be used e.g. for performance measurements, for production solutions or other critical development.

I hope I could help.