Cuda-profiler-api-11-4 error:

i updated jetpack5.0.1 and deepstream6.1 for my jetson Xavier NX.
but met a apt error of cuda, pls give an advice how to get it work? and i need to install boost urgently,
thank you very much!

Hi @wilicyy, we are currently working to resolve the issue with the CUDA deb packages, sorry about that. In the meantime, could you try --ignore-missing?

The CUDA packages have been fixed on the apt server, so please try again now. Thanks for your patience!

thank you for response quickly,
but i tried command that same with yesterday.
should i delete the file firstly?

thank you

需要下载 0 B/18.6 kB 的归档。
解压缩后会消耗 90.1 kB 的额外空间。
debconf: 因为并未安装 apt-utils,所以软件包的设定过程将被推迟
(正在读取数据库 … 系统当前共安装有 182922 个文件和目录。)
准备解压 …/cuda-profiler-api-11-4_11.4.239-1_arm64.deb …
正在解压 cuda-profiler-api-11-4 (11.4.239-1) …
dpkg: 处理归档 /var/cache/apt/archives/cuda-profiler-api-11-4_11.4.239-1_arm64.d
eb (–unpack)时出错:
正试图覆盖 /usr/local/cuda-11.4/targets/aarch64-linux/include/cudaProfiler.h,
它同时被包含于软件包 cuda-nvprof-11-4 11.4.166-1
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

sgs003@sgs003-desktop:~$ sudo apt search cuda-nvprof-11-4
正在排序… 完成
全文搜索… 完成
cuda-nvprof-11-4/now 11.4.166-1 arm64 [已安装,本地]
CUDA Profiler tools

how to remove the package?

i delete all files about that package and remove it,
and install boost successfully.
hope no else problems abut the deleting…

thank you very much!

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