cuda programming in mathematica

hi to all,

recently i heard about mathematica tool and it is supporting cuda also.

i got the above information from the following weblink

they(mathematica) are saying that we need not write entire cuda program in their tool because of

cudalink feature in the mathematica tool.

i had put a mail to mathematica people, they are not yet gave reply.

if Any one using mathematica, please give me suggestions…

Whether it is suggestible to buy mathematica full version?

i am awaiting for your reply.

Thanking you,


I am currently moving my way around CUDA and Mathematica. I stiill have a long way to go , but want to share with you my experiences so far. I am using a GeoForce 630 and Mathematica 9.0

Linux: Ubuntu… Honestly, a big pain with 12.0 Was able to install but was a total pain. I was never able to have Mathematica recognized execute any CUDA code. I was able to get it recognized the card, but the CUDA returned false.
Linux RHEL 6.0 Was able to install. But find out that only works under the 86_64 bit channel. I have not tried under the recent 7.0. Mathematica works wonderfully, I am lookign forward to create my own image manipulation code.

Windows 7 and Windows 8. At first, could not get Mathematica to load CUDA. Finally, A was able to do it under Visual Studio 11 with the C++ compiler. Follow my post at