CUDA with matlab in a MacBook Pro 2010

Hi everyone :

 I'm gonna do a project for my school for computer vision, we're trying to do it with CUDA, I download the driver for a Geforce 310M, but my mac have a Geforce 320M.

 I read that is possible to use the CUDA in this machine, but I put a code in the matlab an it send me an error, I have the 3.1 CUDA version. 

Maybe I download the wrong driver, but is the only one I found, Can someone tell me wish driver I have to download for my mac and how can I test it to see if is working and is only a matlab problem.

  MacBook Pro  2010
  NVIDIA GeForce 320M
 CUDA Driver Version: 3.1.10

The instructions for getting Jacket to work on Mac are found here: