CUDA Recursive Call

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to call my kernel functions recursively. But I am getting Cuda Error 719, even if my program makes 1 recursive call. When I add new functions with same content and call them inside each other like making 4 recursive call, everything works fine. What is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Calling a kernel from a kernel is referred to as dynamic parallelism in CUDA. There are CUDA sample projects that demonstrate proper usage of dynamic parallelism, and there is a whole section of the programming guide dedicated to it.

However I’m not able to sort out the problem you are describing based on that description. My usual suggestion in these cases is to provide a short, complete example that demonstrates the problem. The most important word there is complete. I should be able to copy, paste, compile and run, and see the issue, without having to add anything or change anything. Do as you wish, of course.