cuda taskmanager affinity mod

I know nothing about coding so I’ll ask like and idiot. Is there a way of adapting the CPU affinity option in the task manager to except a Cuda card in order to boost application performance based on raw power instead of individual instruction sets per application? for example your running HD video on an older CPU which can’t cut it but add 112 stream processors and you can run run multiple pieces of video at once,not that you’d want to, or render video or 3D work at high-speed without the cost of buying Cuda specific software.

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750gb(32mb) and 500gb(16mb) f1 spin points.

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No, because you need CUDA-specific code paths. Keep in mind that one thread is 1/112 of what an 8800 GT can do, and its single-threaded performance is pretty poor compared to a CPU–but it can handle 10,000,000 threads at a time without skipping a beat, unlike a CPU. So, no, they’re different processors designed for different things, and you’d probably be better off bugging people for CUDA support than anything else.

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but I want my bazooka for taking out a fly scenario! cool thanks for getting back to me I’ll make a list of every developer in my program menu and send them e-mails from disposable accounts so they can’t block me from their in box.

I aim to misbehave.