CUDA Toolkit 7 Now Available

The CUDA Toolkit 7.0 is now available for all developers.
New features include C++11 support for auto and lambda, a new cuSOLVER library of dense and sparse direct solvers, Runtime Compilation and much more.
Learn more and download at

  1. I’m new to CUDA
  2. Using GTX 980 on a ASUS p5n-D with 8 G ram, four 256G SSD HDs and Win 8.1 Pro. OS is 100% up to date with all patches.
  3. Downloaded the full CUDA 7 & SDK with all the samples. I installed everything to the defaults. When I try to compile the sample solutions I get many errors and hundreds of warnings. In Visual Studio 2010, 27 errors and all relate to inability to find a set of .h files (e.g., d3dx10.h) In VS 2013, there are over 277 errors across these and many more areas and as many warnings.
  4. I did a full file search of the entire system and all I can find is the source files looking to include the missing .H files. The .h files are not anywhere on my system.

I assume I am “missing something” or doing something wrong.

Help. ;-)


Well, after a bunch of google searches it seems I need to download a couple of SDKs from Microsoft. Now its just a matter of making sure I get the correct ones.