Cuda Toolkit (release 5) and Nvidia Tesla M2090

We are going to start a new proyect with Cuda/NVIDIA in Linux and we have a doubt with the operating system supported by the NVIDIA card (Nvidia Tesla M2090) and the Cuda Toolkit(release 5.0).

In the Cuda Toolkit release notes ( we have found that the Cuda SDK is currently supported by Red Hat RHEL 6.x and Red Hat RHEL 5.5+ but in the tesla servers page ( we have found that the operating system supported is RHEL 5.4 Server.

we need to install in the same computer the Cuda toolkit and the drivers and we don’t kwon what is the correct release of the operating system (RHEL 5.4?, Hat RHEL 6.x? and Red Hat RHEL 5.5+?)

Could you help me please?


Here is link about CUDA 5.0 support information. Tesla M2090 is supprted RHEL 6.x