Update NVIDIA Driver Version 270.41.19 to 340.93

PC status(now)
・Redhat 2.6.18
・NVIDIA Tesla M2050
・NVIDIA Driver Version 270.41.19
・CUDA Toolkit 4.0
・gcc 4.1.2
・glibc 2.5

I want to use NVIDIA cuDNN.
So I install CUDA Toolkit 6.5 on my home directory.
(I can’t unistall CUDA Toolkit 4.0)
But Toolkit 6.5 need NVIDIA Driver Version 340.93.

I have question.
If I update NVIDIA Driver Version 270.41.19 to 340.93 ,CUDA Toolkit 4.0 will be Unavailable ?
or Toolkit 4.0 and 6.5 both will be available ?

cuDNN cannot be used with M2050

it requires a compute capability 3.0 or higher GPU

If you update only the GPU driver, older installed toolkits should still be useable, with appropriate adjustment of environment/PATH variables.

I understand.
Thank you txbob