CUDA v12.4 container not released yet?

Latest Nvidia drivers came into my Fedora env last week and I found CUDA v12.4.0 landed. Checking Nvidia’s site I couldn’t find any 12.4 release notes and no 12.4.0 container on Docker Hub (

Build automation for my project fails until this can be pushed but it doesn’t seem to be automated over at Nvidia. Can someone put a rush on the 12.4.0 container image asap please? The release seems to come in parts over days.



Can’t speak to the docker, but 12.4 release and docs is here.

Edit: While the above link shows 12.4, the Release notes link contained within, is to 12.3 Update 2, so it looks like there’s some issues there.

Bump on this. Almost 2 weeks now with CUDA 12.4.0 released and no container image published. Maybe it’s possible 12.4.0 hasn’t hit the Ubuntu release yet but I see 12.3.x dev releases in Hub also.

Hi, any updates on this?

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FWIW, the CUDA 12.4 container for Ubuntu 22.04 was finally released a couple of days ago:


Excellent thanks for the tip. Closing this. Hopefully these releases are quicker/automated in the future.

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